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To order flowers by Mark's Garden for local delivery, please view a wider
selection of flowers and designs at Call us at 818-906-1718

These arrangements are currently available for FedEx overnight shipping to most anywhere in the country. They are designed by
Mark's Garden exclusively for Mark's Flowers, a subsidiary of Mark's Garden. Some require assembly by the recipient.
All are delivered in cardboard packaging.

Mark's Garden is considered by many to be the leading florist in Los Angeles after more than a decade of introducing the most unusual flowers and innovative designs to the city's most discriminating clientele.

We are now happy to be able to deliver a selection of the same gorgeous flowers and designs to most cities and towns across the United States through as seen at InStyle Weddings. In many cases, we can offer unusual varieties and colors of flowers that people in many communities never see at their local florists.

Please browse through the selection we are offering today and choose something for yourself or as a gift. You can be assured of receiving the freshest, most beautiful flowers available in a convenient and timely manner.

For more information about Mark's Garden please visit our other website:

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